Secrets to Choosing the Best Types of Keratin for Your Hair

Secrets to Choosing the Best Types of Keratin for Your Hair

Do you suffer from coarse, curly, or damaged hair? These issues are common among many women, leading them to seek quick and effective solutions. However, with the variety of keratin types available on the market, selecting the most suitable keratin for your hair becomes a challenging task.

For this reason, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the best types of keratin for your hair. We reveal the secrets of the keratin world to help you select the right type for your hair needs, so you can enjoy smooth, shiny, and healthy hair without any damage.

Best Types of Keratin for Hair

There are many types of keratin available on the market. Some contain formaldehyde, while others have less harmful alternatives. Some common types of keratin hair treatments include:

  1. Cezanne Treatment

    • This natural treatment is ideal as it reduces frizz and treats and nourishes damaged hair. However, it is not suitable for colored hair as it may affect the color.
  2. Brazilian Blowout

    • Developed in Brazil in 2005, this is one of the first keratin hair treatments. Although it is somewhat expensive, it is worth the cost as it reduces frizz and smooths the hair cuticle by coating the strands with a protective protein layer. The results last up to 90 days.
  3. Trisolla and Trisolla Plus

    • These are the fastest keratin treatments applied to the hair, ideal for people with thick, damaged, colored, or curly hair. The texture of curly hair is regulated based on the number of times the flat iron is used on each section. This keratin makes hair easy to style, lasts in humid and hot weather, and does not change the hair’s natural color.
  4. Japzilian Keratin

    • Combining Japanese and Brazilian keratin, this treatment provides longer-lasting effects compared to any other keratin treatment, lasting up to 24 weeks longer than the Brazilian treatment.
  5. Express Keratin

    • This quick treatment involves applying keratin in the form of a serum, followed by finishing with a flat iron and hairdryer. It is used by women with curly hair who want to make their hair easier to style. The results last for about a month and a half.

Best Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Types

The best keratin types for hair are those free from formaldehyde as they offer effective results without the health risks associated with this compound. Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen and can cause other health problems like sore throat, cough, chest pain, and eye irritation.

Brands like Perin Herbal are among the best options offering natural and chemical-free products, providing effective results without health risks. Their special formulations focus on keratin and moisturizers, helping to smooth hair and reduce frizz without the need for formaldehyde.

Best Original Brazilian Keratin Types with Pictures

The Brazilian Golden Keratin is one of the best types for hair smoothing, providing long-lasting effects suitable for all hair types. This product is effective in treating hair that is tired from dyes and thermal styling tools, giving it silky smoothness and shine.

Best Types of Keratin for Children

It is often advised not to subject children to chemical hair treatments as their hair is very sensitive. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using hair products to avoid potential adverse reactions. On the other hand, there are natural products and hair care procedures to ensure the health of a child's hair.

Some hair care experts say there is no minimum age for Brazilian keratin treatment, but caution is advised when using hair care products for children.

Thus, the best types of keratin for children are those free from parabens and sulfates. However, it is advisable to ensure the child can tolerate a keratin treatment session that may last two to three hours, along with following a regular hair care routine afterwards to achieve the best results.